Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra kicks off the 2016 season with an inaugural Asia tour—beginning on the Mid-Autumn Festival in Tokyo. Plus: Mythistory presents—Rabbit on the Moon.
10 years Timeline
Mooncakes Over Melodies
Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra kicks off a brand-new season in Tokyo this Mid-Autumn Festival.
  Meet Our Musicians  
Conductor   Fiona Zheng   Musicians
Milen Nachev, conductor Fiona Zheng, soloist Formosan musicians
  How does conductor Milen Nachev work with a multinational orchestra? What goes through soloist Fiona Zheng’s head as she looks up from the stage at Carnegie Hall? Plus: a heart-to-heart with some Formosan Shen Yun-ers excited for our inaugural Asia Symphony tour.  
Symphony Heads East
Udumbara Rhapsodies
Symphony Orchestra revamps Shen Yun 2016’s The Mystical Udumbara—a majestic musical tribute to a phenomenal micro-flower.
Taiwan Charms
Who’s Moo-sically Challenged?
When dancers attend a concert… Gather around as dancer Betty Wang shares an amusing story and idiom.
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Pan Gu
Mythistory: Rabbit on the Moon
Cute, fluffy, and magical—this isn’t the Easter bunny, but the Eastern bunny of the moon.
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Where does Shen Yun’s music come from?
  Shen Yun compositions are all-original works drawn from five millennia of culture and legends. Many melodies are inspired by ancient folk and ethnic tunes passed through the dynasties. Each piece is orchestrated with a perfect harmony of classical instruments of the East and West, and then meticulously coordinated with the dance production.  
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  Coming Up:  
  A full harvest this October—Shen Yun musicians play Carnegie Hall and dancers take on NTD Television’s 7th International Classical Chinese Dance Competition!